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What is tape storage?

1) a form of storage there information is magnetically recorded  onto iron coated plastic tape which is wound on to a real.   2) a place where tapes (above) are stored
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What is storage of grains?

storing grains in a proper storage place under appropriate moisture and temperature to prevent it from the attack of insects and to preserve it for later use is called storage (MORE)
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What is a storage dam?

  This is a large open reservoir. It is not used to generate electricity.
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What is a storage tape?

A storage tape is a high quality medium (often 8mm wide now) in a cartridge used to store backups of computer system files.
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Where is a storage facility?

To search for a storage facility near you, use a self storage search engine. They are easier than calling the numbers listed on YellowPages or Google and getting individual pr (MORE)

Unit of storage?

There are many units of storage. You can use computers to store  data, filing cabinets to store paper, or cages to store animals.
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What is refrigerated storage?

Refrigerated storage is storage that is kept at a temperature between 8 -1 degrees Celsius. Basically storage that is the same temperature as a refrigerator. It is useful for (MORE)

How much storage does a cloud storage have?

The servers that support this have effectively unlimited storage  using RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) at any time that  the company providing cloud storage nee (MORE)

What is backup storage?

   Backup storage refers to a storage  device, medium or facility that is used for storing copies and  instances of backup data. Backup storage enables the maintenance (MORE)