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Can architecture still be classified as art?

Yes it can. Architecture as a form of art dates far back in time to the temples of the Greeks, pyramids of Egypt and the stepped pyramids in South America. Many of the new bui (MORE)

What is web storefront?

Web Storefront is a the online website where, your customer would visit and buy your products. It offers product listing, shopping cart and payment processing functionality.  (MORE)

What were the contributions of byzantine art and architecture?

Byzantine art is famous for its icons (paintings made on wooden  panels) which were often gilded (coated with fine gold leaf or  powder) frescoes (a technique of mural paint (MORE)

What is Lutheran art and architecture like?

What is Lutheran art and architecture like?The manner in which Lutheran churches have been built and decorated has varied considerably among different places and times. Genera (MORE)

What is b2c storefront?

b2c stands for business to consumer. b2b stands for business to business. A b2c storefront is a website where a business does retail sales on-line to the general public. (MORE)

What is virtual storefronts?

Virtual storefront form of interactive media/electronic marketing that allows customers to view and order merchandise on their computer screens. In a virtual storefront, custo (MORE)

What is the difference between fine art and architecture?

Fine Art involves a variety of artistic mediums including painting, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, devotional tools, tapestry, prints, drawings, clothing and cloth. (MORE)

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