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Define greek word 'storge love'?

storge is greek and love is English. If you have been to Greece or have met someone who is greek then you might have heard someone say this word.
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What is storge love?

"Storge love" means 'affection' or 'familiarity'. Some people extend this affection or familiarity to situations of things.. e.g. Love of horses - horseriding e.t.c
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What book by C.S. Lewis does he discuss storge?

He covered this type of love, which he translated as "Affection", in his book "The Four Loves". He distinguishes this from eros, erotic love, as well as philia, friendship, an (MORE)
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What is the difference between primary an secondy storge in a computer?

Primary Storage traditionally was referred to as your "C:" drive or your primary hard drive. Today a common practice is to split single hard drive into several storage areas u (MORE)