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What is a story in a story called?

A frame story (also frame tale, frame narrative, etc.) is a narrative technique whereby a main story is composed, at least in part, for the purpose of organizing a set of sho (MORE)

What is a story?

A story is anything told by one person to one or more others, which has a beginning and a climax and an end. It can be a big story, like "War and Peace" or a small story, li (MORE)

What is the story?

A story can be true or fictitious they are created to amuse, orinstruct the hearer or reader. They are also called a tale.

Story pyramid for the story EPICAC?

When building a story pyramid for Epicac, lines one and two shouldbe about the main character. Line three should address the settingand line four, the main problem. Lines five (MORE)

Which stories are the oldest short stories from?

There are incidents in the Bible called Parables, which are in a sense Fiction, and may or may not have happened in real life- such as the Good Samaritan. if it was true, woul (MORE)