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How do you catch strabismus?

Strabismus is not "caught". It is a disorder that starts in the brain, you cannot get it from anyone else. The brain controls the alignment of the eyes and sometimes may have (MORE)
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What is the difference of amblyopia and strabismus?

Amblyopia is commonly referred to as "lazy eye." It is a vision development disorder, where one eye fails to develop normal visual acuity. Eye patching is a common treatment f (MORE)

Homeopathic medicine for Strabismus?

hOMOEOPATHY is a science and does not deal with the diseases by name. It is the Will, intelligence and the memory which is taken into consideration and according to the sympt (MORE)

Does strabismus cause headaches?

Many eye problems can cause or trigger different headache types in susceptible individuals. For appropriate diagnosis, please seek the help of a headache specialist,
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