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Did stradivarius make any cello?

Antoni Stradivaria made only 60 cellos. One of them is owned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This $3.5 million instrument was stolen from its player's front porch, and was ne (MORE)

How many Stradivarius violins are known to exist?

As of 1902, 540 violins made by Stradivarius were known to exist. Also: 12 violas, 50 cellos--and two guitars. According to: As (MORE)

Is there a register of Stradivarius violins?

A list of known Stradivari violins may be found on Wikipedia. A more complete version is at If you have an instrument which says "Stradivarius" on a label inside, (MORE)

How do you date a stradivarius violin?

I can't resist...   They are very susceptible to flowers and chocolates!    No, really, the answer is that there are specialists in musical  instrument history (or (MORE)

How do you spell stradivarius?

That is the usual spelling, Stradivarius, of the Italian name given certain antique violins and other stringed musical instruments (from Stradiuarius). Notable among members (MORE)