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What is magellan's strait?

  Actually it is called the "strait of magellan" and it is a shortcut through a bunch of islands at the souther tip of South America, and it is usefull because the waters (MORE)

What is a strait?

A Strait, is a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two  large areas of water.
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Why is the strait of Hormuz important or significant?

The Strait of Hormuz is important because it is the only passage into the open ocean. It is used to help send the petroleum products around the world.   I suggust going (MORE)

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Where is strait of hormuz located?

The Strait of Hormuz is between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, being the only way to reach open ocean from the Persian Gulf. Iran is to the north and the United Arab E (MORE)
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What is the width of the Strait of Hormuz?

The Strait of Hormuz, the only way out of the Persian Gulf is a major international tradeway is at its narrowest point, 21 nautical (39km)Êmiles wide.
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