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Is plus strand the sense strand in DNA?

  Answer   The plus strand is the same as the sense strand and can also be called the coding or non-template strand. This is the strand that has the same sequence as (MORE)

What is perinephric stranding?

Stranding of perinephric fat is defined as linear areas of soft tissue attenuation in the perinephric space, which can result from any acute process or injury to the kidney. W (MORE)

What is a sentence with stranded?

After his engine failed, bart was stranded in the dark. The pack was stranded on a desert island. Jamal did not mind being stranded on a deserted isle as long as his best fr (MORE)
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What are complimentary strands?

In DNA, complementary strands are two strands of nucleotides that base pair by hydrogen bonds across the nitrogen basses of each nucleotide is such a way that A (adenine) alwa (MORE)

What is many stranded?

Imagine a steel cable like one supporting the Golden Gate Bridge, for example. It is made up of many individual strands of wire and the cable can therefore be described as bei (MORE)

What does London not have?

London is more for sight-seeing and being a tourist. There are lots  and lots of cafe's and restaurants as well, but there is not much  for teens. For children, there's a zo (MORE)