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How did Vietnamese peasants respond to the strategic hamlets program?

The Vietnamese peasants hated the Strategic Hamlets Program for  several reasons. First, ancestor worship was very important to the  mostly Buddhist villagers. Relocation to (MORE)
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What is strategic Procurement or strategic Purchasing?

Strategic purchasing is a methodology used in many businesses to realize the greatest amount of benefit to the company while still effectively managing the costs associated wi (MORE)
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What is hamlet about?

It's about a prince called Hamlet who's father was poisioned! He thinks his uncle (Claudious!) murded his dad to gain the throne. His uncle then becomes king after marrying Ha (MORE)

What is a strategizer?

The key feature about The Strategizer type is that he or she is whatcan be called a "product agnostic," meaning that they dont worry about what product they are promoting, as (MORE)

How many lines does hamlet have in hamlet?

  Other sources say that the play itself has 4,042 lines and 29,551 words, and that Hamlet has approximately 40% of the total lines. I wanted to check this out, so I count (MORE)

How did hamlet die in the play hamlet?

I think in a duel with Ophelia's brother. But Ophelia's brother died too, because of a poisoned sword. Maybe i should start from the beginning. Ophelia's brother chalenged H (MORE)

What was Hamlet about?

Hamlet is about a young man named Hamlet who's father dies. He sees his father's ghost and the ghost tells him his uncle was the one who killed him and asks Hamlet to seek rev (MORE)

In Hamlet what does hamlet do that is evil?

Under the universal definition of evil, Hamlet commits murder. He kills Polonius, although his intent was to kill Claudius for revenge of the death of his father. He calculate (MORE)

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