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What is strategy?

Strategy is a plan. You create a plan and a way to execute thisplan. Strategy is used to accomplish something. Strategies can beshort or long term.

What is strategies?

Stretegies are plannings, chalked out for future programming. It may be during warfare,running an administration or so on. Even before a soccer match, coaches of both teams ch (MORE)
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What is a Mancala strategy?

I play the fun way. Put the board so that one of the giant pots at each end is facing each player. Your goal is still to get as many marbles in the pot as possible, but turns (MORE)

What was Hitler's strategy?

Hitler's strategy was a complex and ever changing plan, subject to his whims as much as to his generals' advice. Hitler didn't believe that France and Great Britain would go t (MORE)

What is your strategy?

The choice of strategy really depends on the available resources, the local terrain, available intelligence, the deployment of the enemy, and knowledge of the mind of the enem (MORE)