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How many of each of your pieces do you get in stratego?

You get one marshal, one general, two colonels, three majors, four captains, four lieutenants, four sergeants, five miners, eight scouts, six bombs, one spy, and one flag. The ( Full Answer )
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What piece holds highest rank in stratego?

The marshal is the highest ranking piece. However, they can be beaten by bomb. (And the spy to if the spy attacks the marshal.)
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Can you go backwards in Stratego?

I'm not sure if you can in the old one but in the new one I know for a fact that you can.
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In stratego what can a spy do?

If it attacks a Marshal it kills the marshal, but if it attacks any other piece or gets attacked it dies..
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Why can't i play stratego in Windows 7?

game is too old to play on windows 7. had same problem. the only solution is to get back your windows xp.
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Can a spy attack diagonally in stratego?

Yes a spy can attack diagonally in stratego and it can kill anyone as long as they dont attack but only the spy has the prevelidge of attacking diagonally Good luck
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What in essence are the rules of the game Stratego?

Each player takes all pieces of one color and arranges them so the values face them. With each turn, you move one of your pieces. Whenever two pieces end up on the same space, ( Full Answer )
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What are the rules for the board game Stratego?

Stratego is a board game made for two players. It is a "strategy" type game. The best place to find the rules for this game would be to purchase the game and read the inser ( Full Answer )