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Why does stratified squamous line the esophagus?

stratified squamous has many layers of cells; more mature cells at the top and younger cells near the base. it is seen in lumen's and organs that have high abrasion rates. the (MORE)

Why is strata called homogenous in stratified sampling?

Homogeneous refers to groups composed of parts or elements that are all of the same kind or nature. In stratified sampling, a population which is composed of diverse groupings (MORE)

What is the difference between stratifying and blocking?

Pretend you have a mountain of dirty clothes. You want to see the difference between washing dark and light colored clothing with warm and cold water. You need a sample becaus (MORE)
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How do you draw a stratified scatterplot?

This answer is for drawing stratified scatter plot by using SPSS package. Go to Graphs -> Legacy Dialogs -> Scatter/Dots -> Simple Scatter. Click Define button. Then set (MORE)

How is stratified sampling applied?

Stratified sampling is used where the population to be sampled can be divided into subsets, called strata, according to some criterion. Each of these strata are then treated a (MORE)