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What is stratified sampling?

  "statified sampling" is a way of getting an 'average' which represents the entire universe, or every thing that exists that somebody wants to count or measure. The entir (MORE)

What does stratified epithelium do?

  Epithelium is found covering external or internal surfaces in the body.   Stratified epithelium consists of more than one layer of cells. It is often found in situati (MORE)

What is a stratified ocean?

a stratification is a term generally used for layering of sediments. Thus a "stratified" ocean is one in which a layer of sediments accumulate at the bottom of the ocean and o (MORE)

How society can be stratified?

Society is like our inner child. We all what it our way. The problem in that is that everybody whats it their way and that can't possibly work. So, when it will be satisfied? (MORE)
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What is a stratified forest?

Forest Stratification simply refers to the different layers of plants in a forest. In a mature forest, one can typically see several distinct layers of vegetation rising.
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What does it mean to be stratified?

Stratified means to divide due to certain aspects such as income level as well race and various other aspects. It can be seen as a form prejudice and discrimination.
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