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What is the difference between a fender stratocaster and a HSS stratocaster?

HSS refers to the pickups. The standard Strat has three Single coil pickups, and would be designated SSS. The H in HSS implies that the bridge pickup is a Humbucker. This beca (MORE)
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Who invented the Stratocaster?

The first Fender Stratocaster was designed in 1954 by Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares.
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What are Stratocasters?

Stratocasters are electric guitars made by Fender. They are mostly used in rock music, but can be used in many other genres. Fenders are not only made by Fender, but also by S (MORE)
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What is a stratocaster?

An electric guitar made by Fender. one the most iconic guitars ever designed. often thought of a the universal symbol for an electric guitar
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What is the weight of a stratocaster?

The average weight of an alder bodied strat is between around 7.25 and 8.75 pounds - lighter and heavier guitars exist. Ash is heavier than alder, so ash strats are generally (MORE)
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Are squire stratocaster and fender stratocaster necks the same?

Yes and no LOL. Stratocaster necks come in every flavor reflecting the 55 years of contsruction and different mindsets of different owners at Fender during that time.. Squir (MORE)