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What is the difference between a telecaster and a stratocaster?

I only own a strat, and have played a tele only a couple of times, so what i say about the tele is based mostly on hearing, not playing. Also, bear in mind that these things a (MORE)
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What is the weight of a fender stratocaster guitar?

All Fender Stratocasters have different weights depending on the kind of pickups or different kinds of wood that they are made out of. They are about three pounds. IMPORTANT (MORE)

What is a 1995 Fender Stratocaster worth?

it depends is it an American standard Strat or a Mexican Strat i payed around 600.00 for my 1995 Cherry Red Fender Mex-Strat 2 years ago so American standard around 800.00 to (MORE)

What is the weight of a stratocaster?

  The average weight of an alder bodied strat is between around 7.25 and 8.75 pounds - lighter and heavier guitars exist. Ash is heavier than alder, so ash strats are gene (MORE)
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Who made the fender stratocaster guitar?

Leo Fender. He also made the telecaster and well... Everything fender brand. If you want to by a modern fender you could also look at G&L, L stands for Leo and is his last pro (MORE)

What is a fender stratocaster worth 1977?

According to Vintage Guitar's 2009 price guide, exc. cond. $2200 - $2700 but I haven't seen many priced that high. Depends on many variables. Color and condition being the m (MORE)

Why are stratocasters so popular?

  IN my oppinion, all good rock songs in the past 50 years have been played on a strat,tele,or les paul.also dont count the knock offs like squier because those are just c (MORE)