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Can a goat eat straw?

A goat can eat straw. It's not like it will kill it or anything. But it is by no means a source of nutrition. A goat should be fed both Alfalfa hay/ grass hay mixture - becaus (MORE)

What is a straw penny?

  "Staw Penny" refers to an old US penny with wheat on the back, which was the design through the 1950s. Current pennies have the Lincoln Memorial on the back.
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Why did they cover castle floors with straw?

There is some question as to whether floors were covered with straw. Supposedly, it absorbed odors and covered over filth, and was gradually added as needed until it was clean (MORE)
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How to be the boss?

You talk to corprate like a boss, approve memos like a boss, remember birthdays like a boss, direct workflow like a boss, micromanage like a boss, promote synergy, hit on debr (MORE)

Can horses eat straw?

They are often willing to eat some kinds of straw, in particular oat straw. Therefore, when straw is used as bedding, the owner should monitor to make sure the horse isn't eat (MORE)

How do you make an icosahedron out of straws and string?

  Weave your straws together like a mat, make 20 of them and bind them together with your string.
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What is the definition of a automoble straw purchase?

A straw purchase is a purchase that is made on behalf of someone  else. An automobile straw purchase made by a person other than the  new owner, usually because the new owne (MORE)

Is there another idiom for the last straw?

Yes, there is another idiom for 'the last straw'. You could use  'the straw that broke the camels' back'. It basically means that  you are no longer willing to accept a cert (MORE)

Who is the boss of me?

Ultimately, you are the 'boss' of you. Each person is  responsible for their own actions and their own decisions.    No matter what circumstances you are in or what ag (MORE)