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Define stream of consciousness?

The stream of consciousness is a style used in novels. It is used by the modern writers in the modern novels for example Dubliners. It was used at that time because of the dis (MORE)

Is everyone in the same stream of consciousness?

  Yes, every being (form or formless existence) are in the same stream of consciousness; the cosmic consciousness, the source, the True Nature. This cosmic energy reside i (MORE)

What is stream of consciousness?

IT IS WRITING IN WHICH THE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS OF THE WRITER ARE RECORDED AS THEY OCCUR. It is a form of writing that, rather than having an obvious plot with an obvious be (MORE)

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Which story utilized the literary technique stream of consciousness?

Any story that follows any and all action and events as seen  through the eyes, and through the thoughts of the person narrating  the story. One of the more famous was ON TH (MORE)