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What is streamlined?

Streamline is where you make something a shape so it can travel easily against air resistant. e.g. An aeroplane has wings and the front is shaped so it can glide. A trains ( Full Answer )
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What is streamlining?

Shaping and smoothing an object so that it has less resistance to the flow of a fluid, usually air or water.
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Streamlining in boats?

A streamlining boat is one that moves through the water with ease and doesn't have speed or progress problems.
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What is a whale streamline?

Whales, like most other creatures of the sea, have a shape that allows water to easily flow around them.
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Do humans streamline?

Yes, they can be streamline. Have you seen Olympic Cyclists, they are made streamline by leaning forward and by their pointy helmets
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What is streamlined bureaucracy?

This is a bureaucracy with less hoops to go through. There are onlya few people who do the work to get things done.
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Are submarines streamlined?

Absolutely - the modern submarine's teardrop shaped hull is a direct result of R&D that eventually led to the design that virtually all modern submarines use today. Cigar sha ( Full Answer )
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Why are fish streamline?

Because they like to poo over people who are eating and need more air for their sex.
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Are there streamlined bicycles?

Yes, but they're not common. Do a net search for "faired recumbent" if you want to see some.