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What is streamlined?

Streamline is where you make something a shape so it can travel easily against air resistant. e.g. An aeroplane has wings and the front is shaped so it can glide. A trains (MORE)

Why are cars streamlined?

Streamlining helps the cars reduce friction, which makes them have better gas mileage and be able to move faster.
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Why are things streamlined?

Things which are streamlined are because they are having a reason to be.We find animals bodies are shaped streamlined too because of the habitat they adopt example fishes and (MORE)
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Why is a shark streamlined?

Streamlining allows the shark to swim at a given speed with less physical exertion. Since an organism never really knows what its energy reserves are going to be, it is alway (MORE)

What is streamline body?

the shape of many objects moving through air or water is designed in such a way(with pointed ends) that friction can be reduced between the objects and water or air(fluid).The (MORE)

What is streamlining in friction?

streamlining is the process by which the designs of moving tools like cars are made easy for the air to flow, to avoid air resistance or friction.
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Are submarines streamlined?

Absolutely - the modern submarine's teardrop shaped hull is a direct result of R&D that eventually led to the design that virtually all modern submarines use today.    (MORE)

Why are lorries not streamlined?

Lorrys air not streamlined beacuse there is no where for the air to  go when it hits the truck. But some lorries are streamlined but not  to the exstent of cars like the ren (MORE)