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How are tree frogs streamlined?

i think they are streamlined because their legs are pushed by the air which lifts them up and which causes them to jump/bounce.
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What is a fha streamline loan?

Quite simply, it's a program developed by FHA to allow FHA mortgage  holders to refinance without all of the normal hassles in obtaining  a standard or conventional refinanc (MORE)

What is a 203K streamline loan?

A 203K streamline loan is a loan provided to the purchaser of a home to do some renovations and or improvements to a home they are purchasing with cost ranging from $5,000 to (MORE)

Why is streamlining important in cars?

Streamlining can help cars travel faster. The more streamlined the car is the less drag it creates, so the faster it can travel with ease. When a car is aerodynamic it fin (MORE)

Are submarines streamlined?

Absolutely - the modern submarine's teardrop shaped hull is a direct result of R&D that eventually led to the design that virtually all modern submarines use today.    (MORE)

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Why aeroplanes and cars have streamline shape?

  Aeroplanes and cars have a streamlined shape because it reduces the amount of air drag / air resistance, thus allowing less amounts of energy to be wasted. For example, (MORE)

What is streamlining in friction?

streamlining is the process by which the designs of moving tools like cars are made easy for the air to flow, to avoid air resistance or friction.
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What is streamline body?

the shape of many objects moving through air or water is designed in such a way(with pointed ends) that friction can be reduced between the objects and water or air(fluid).The (MORE)

Why isn't an elephant streamlined?

Firstly they are not predators so have no need of speed or stealth  to hunt food; they are herbivorous.    Secondly, while they can move quickly when they are frighten (MORE)