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What is street frontage?

Generally it is that portion of a property that abuts a public right of way. In instances dealing with commercial properties which are on narrow/deep lots, the location of the (MORE)
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What is a street fitting?

A street fitting is a fitting that is designed to attach to another fitting, It can also be one that is design to connect two or more fittings together. It can be destinguishe (MORE)

What is Wall Street and main street?

In today's highly charged political world: Wall Street -- Ultra Rich Corporates (primarily Bank execs) who perhaps constitute a major portion of the "1% elite" Main Street -- (MORE)

What phrase is correct in the street or on the street?

The phrases "in the street" and "on the street" are sometimes interchangeable in the English language but they have distinct meanings. "In the street" could be used for somet (MORE)

How do streets get their names?

Streets get their names from many different sources. One example is the method of naming streets after numbers (1st avenue, 2nd avenue.) In this example, streets are named b (MORE)

Is there pollution in the streets?

Yes there is lots of pollution in the streets. This is due to cars  and trucks. Apart from this polluted smoke and waste from  industries affect the cities as well. However; (MORE)
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What is Street Luges?

they evolved from skateboards, so they're pretty much a skate board, where you lie down on your back and roll down a hill, feet first. There are no brakes - you use your fee (MORE)