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Who is The Streets?

Answer . The Streets is the pseudonym for British Rapper, Mike Skinner. Born on November 27, 1978, Skinner hails from Birmingham, England. With his break through single,"H (MORE)

Is sesame street a real street?

While there are many streets all over the United States and elsewhere with the name Sesame Street, no Sesame Street is filmed on a soundstage in a television studio.
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What phrase is correct in the street or on the street?

The phrases "in the street" and "on the street" are sometimes interchangeable in the English language but they have distinct meanings. "In the street" could be used for somet (MORE)

Do you say you run on the street or in the street?

It depends on what you're trying to communicate. "Run in the street" describes a runner or jogger trotting within the confines of a public thoroughfare. "Run on the street" me (MORE)
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Which is right in the street or on the street?

Both are correct, but people typically say "on the street" to refer to the sidewalk, and "in the street" to refer to the auto lanes that run between the sidewalks.
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Why do we have streets?

well where would we ride our cars smoothly. streets provide a safe  way to get around
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