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What clothes did a Victorian street sweeper wear?

Victorian? Probably regular clothes like everyone else, befitting anyone working-class (shabby). Most employers didn't enforce any sort of dress code, especially not those wor (MORE)
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What are the tasks of a sweeper in hiking?

To bring up the rear of a group of hikers so none get left behind  in the back if they are too slow or injured. To keep stragglers  motivated and moving, and to call the gro (MORE)

What is a sweeper in field hockey?

The sweeper is a deep defensive position; basically, they are the last line of defence besides the goalkeeper. They normally never leave their own 23-metre area, and are there (MORE)
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What sport has strikers and sweepers?

  Soccer (football) - A striker is an attacking player, and a sweeper is a defensive player who moves across the defensive line.
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What is the difference between a wing and a sweeper in soccer?

Wing : position on the right or left side. a common tactic is to cross the ball to a central team-mate Sweeper: type of centre back who "sweeps up" the ball. compare to full (MORE)

What is a sweeper in soccer?

a sweeper is a position right behind the defence so if the soccer ball goes behind the defence the sweeper can go pass it right back up   Answer   A sweeper is a kin (MORE)
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What is a sweeper on a soccer team?

  Answer     its a player that stand in the mittle between the golie and the defensment
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In 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand why do you think the Council of Vocations assigns Equality the job of street sweeper is it due to error incompetence or a more sinister motivation?

They know he is intelligent, and that he has pride. This is to break his spirit, and put him in his place. And because he is different from everyone else ( 6 feet tall and h (MORE)

How does a carpet sweeper work?

it goes through brushes that pick up dirt which then leads to bellows (objects made from canvas to metal that open and close for suction) that pass the dirt to two different f (MORE)