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Principal plane in strength of material?

the plane in which three mutually perpendicular stresses act and the resultant of all is purely normal stress . in this plane value of shear stress is zero
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Why Strength and hardness of material are increased in cold working?

The reason that the hardness increases as the cold working increases is because of defects. Before the reduction, or cold working, the lattice of the material has a virtually (MORE)

What were Sacagawea's strengths?

Good translator, knows her surroundings, speaks many different languages, knows plants and animals, and knows what food to eat and what food to not eat.
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Free books of strength of materials downloads?

I am a university Teacher in Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology. I need the soft copy of that book.
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Does porosity affect the strength and properties of building materials?

Yes. Porosity is the void space between grains or clasts of a solid material such as the gaps between the grains in sandstone. Rocks that have higher porosity are typically (MORE)

Does bicycle rim thickness come in different sizes what is the core size of the rims and what is the best material for bicycle rims in weight and strength?

Where to start... First off, there are plenty of different wheel sizes out there, so the overall diameter of the rims will vary accordingly. Most rims are of aluminium alloy e (MORE)