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Why do you get a burning sensation in your muscles during strenuous exercise?

When you use your muscles they produce waste. One of those wastesare lactic acid. Working out with a moderate intensity will let theblood flow carry those wastes away and you (MORE)

Which is more strenuous basketball or football?

Basketball is a more strenuous sport, although football is a more physically demanding sport. Basketball involves 48 minutes of running, sprinting, and jumping. The goal is (MORE)

What acid is produced in the muscles during strenuous exercise?

During strenuous exercise, lactic acid or 2-hydroxypropanoic acid is formed. Lactic acid buildup occurs during strenuous exercise, the body is incapable of removing the waste (MORE)

Why does deep breathing continue after strenuous exercise?

During exercise we often use a secondary energy release mechanism  called anaerobic respiration, which releases energy from glucose  without the need for oxygen, which the b (MORE)
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Are outdoor sports always strenuous?

I think if an outdoor activity is called a "sport" it's probably  strenuous to some degree. There are many outdoor hobbies that are  not.   *****   Coarse fishing fr (MORE)