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How do you use strenuous in a sentence?

lifting a box full of heavy books is a very strenuous job for a skinny and frail women
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What is a sentence with strenuous?

Building the house was a strenuous job, but John's love of hard work showed through.
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Which is more strenuous basketball or football?

Basketball is a more strenuous sport, although football is a more physically demanding sport. Basketball involves 48 minutes of running, sprinting, and jumping. The goal is ( Full Answer )
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Is swimming strenuous?

kind of, but it helps build all your muscles and not just your arms or legs.
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What is the verb from strenuous?

The nearest 'connected' verb would be 'strain', i.e. endeavour. There is no original verb - it only exists as an adjective or adverb.
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Is bowling a strenuous activity?

No, it's a mild activity, because you have periods of resting alongthe game. Moreover, it's also a social meeting, where you can havea talk with your friends, in a pleasant en ( Full Answer )
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Are outdoor sports always strenuous?

I think if an outdoor activity is called a "sport" it's probablystrenuous to some degree. There are many outdoor hobbies that arenot. ***** Coarse fishing from the bank of a c ( Full Answer )