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The difference between try and strive?

When a person strives to meet a goal, they put forth an extreme amount of effort. Striving means you are constantly working toward that goal and you don't plan on giving up un (MORE)

Difference between strife and strive?

To strive for something is to go after it or to steadily work toward it. Strife is conflict.
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What does the Bible say about striving for excellence?

There are several places where the Bible encourages us to do our best. E.g. Proverbs 6 KJV Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no gu (MORE)

What did the Mayflower Compact strive to create?

  The Mayflower Compact was created on board of the Mayflower. It strived to bring together the different groups of people on board to come together to form a peaceful co (MORE)

What area does China strive to control?

Taiwan (Island of Formosa) is the most commonly cited claim of the People's Republic of China that is not in their control. Other regions that the People's Republic of China c (MORE)

Strive to win?

This is the begining of book by Doctor Izzatov it's called The revelation of the genius you will find answer in this book. Human life is short and art will not save i (MORE)