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What is a stroboscope?

It's a calibrated flashing light used to measure the rotational speed of, say, a spinning motor shaft. Like the timing light used by mechanics on a car. The strobe is variable (MORE)
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Principle of stroboscope?

The principle of a stroboscope is to study rotating, reciprocating,oscillating, or vibrations in objects. A stroboscope is used tomake cyclically moving objects appear station (MORE)

What is stroboscopic light?

A stroboscopic light, or strobe light, is a device which dischargesflashes of light which causes moving objects to appear stationaryor slow-moving. The flashing light has been (MORE)
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Where is a stroboscopic tachometer used?

A stroboscope uses a series of flashes to make a fast moving object seem slower. A stroboscopic tachometer has a scale that reads either in revolutions per minute or flashes p (MORE)
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What is a stroboscope used for?

A stroboscope is an instrument that is used to make objects that move cyclically appear to be stationary or slow in movement. The two types of stroboscopes are mechanical and (MORE)

What does a stroboscope look like?

A stroboscope is usually just a lamp, set to flash quickly andrepeatedly with an often tuneable and consistent frequency. Strobesused to set the ignition timing on engines wit (MORE)