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Why do you get a stroke?

A stroke happens when a blood clot, ruptured artery, or  blood vessel interrupts the flow of blood to an area in the brain.  The resulting lack of oxygen and glucose (sugar) (MORE)

What is the Etiology of stroke?

Stroke occurs every forty to forty five seconds and is the leading cause of death in America. If it is the leading cause of death then what is stroke? Stroke is when blood flo (MORE)

What is 2 stroke and 4 stroke?

ok a 4 stroke engine dosent need lubricating oil. the oil is at the bottom of the piston pit, so the piston goes down [ 1 stroke] and lubricates itself. it come up again [ 2 ] (MORE)
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How can a stroke kill you?

A stroke is an interruption to the blood flow which supplies the brain. If the blood flow to your brain is interrupted enough, your brain stem functions (breathing etc...) can (MORE)

How do you get a stroke?

By having a blood clot can cause a stroke. This is a serious Matter so call 911 as soon as a Blood Clot comes and you have a stroke! A stroke is an attack on the brain. High b (MORE)
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Can you have a mini stroke after a severe stroke?

A mini stroke is called a TIA or trans ischemic attack and yes one can occur after a CVA (cerebrovascular attack) or severe stroke
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Is a heat stroke the same as a stroke?

no. Heat stroke is due to overheating and dehydration. A stroke is due to some error in blood flow to the brain (bleeding, blocked, or circulatory failure)
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What is a stroke?

A stroke is any disruption to blood flow around the brain.Technically, the blood/brain barrier does not allow blood toactually enter the brain. That can be one example of a st (MORE)

Why is a stroke called a stroke?

A Stroke is a sudden clot in an artery or vessel that cuts off blood flow to the brain. It was originally known as an "Apoplexy". Apoplexy is a Greek word meaning "Struck Down (MORE)
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Is there treatment for a stroke?

besides basic pharma grade meds that the patient will be on most likely for the rest of their life, healthy diet and excercise. If it is a stroke induced by a thrombus (athros (MORE)