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Who discovered stromboli?

William Schofield discovered the calzone like food and named an Ingrid Bergman film after it.
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What tectonic plate is mount stromboli on?

It is on the Eurasian plate. It is in Italy on the island called Stromboli, therefore it is on the Eurasian plate.
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How did Stromboli get its name?

Stromboli got its name from the Ancient Greeks. They named it Strombule` because of its round swelling form.
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How big is stromboli?

stromboli is a shield volcano that is 2000 feet above the ocean floor and 924 m above sea level.
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Is stromboli in Italy?

yes stromboli is in Italy i know because i did this for a project -Lindsey
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Is mount stromboli on a hot spot?

No mount Stromnoli is no t on a hot spot becase it is not the newest volcano and it is on its own island call Stromboli and it shoots our pasta and then later it shoots out th ( Full Answer )
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In Pinocchio does Pinocchio like Stromboli or not?

Pinocchio doesn't like Stromboli, because Stromboli put Pinocchio in a bird cage. Pinocchio cried that Stromboli put him in a bird cage.
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Who was Stromboli in Pinocchio?

He was a puppet master, who threatened to burn Pinocchio so he could make his meal, but then felt sorry for him and let him go, also giving him 5 gold coins for his "dad", Gep ( Full Answer )
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What causes Mount Stromboli to erupt?

The pressure under from the earth's crust or the tectonic plates pushing up with pressure which makes the volcano irritated so it errupts with the pressure pushes up on it.
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What are stromboli and Krakatoa?

Both Stromboli and Krakatoa are volcanic islands formed bystratovolcanoes. Stromboli is in the Mediterranean Sea off thecoast of southern Italy. It has erupted almost continuo ( Full Answer )