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How is the structure of a hammer reated to its function?

The hammer is hard and heavy, which helps to drive the nail in. The  flat surface is for striking, and the curved clawed surface is for  prying.
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What is the structure and function of a serofuge?

A serofuge is a small centrifuge specifically designed to separate  serum from cells and to complete blood cell washing procedures.  Like a centrifuge, a serofuge has holes (MORE)
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What is the structure and functions of a peroxisome?

A peroxisome is a subcellular structure (organelle) found in both plant and animal (including human) cells. Structure   A peroxisome is only about 1 micrometer in diamete (MORE)
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What is the functions of cell structure?

Cell membrane: Regulates movement of substances in and out of the cell Cell Wall: provides shape, protection and support Cytoskeleton: It controls the cell's shape and mo (MORE)
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What is the function and structure of an enzyme?

Enzymes are substances that increase the speed of a chemical reaction. 1. A substrate attaches to an enzyms's active site. 2. The enzyme reduces the activation energy of the r (MORE)
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Structure and function of DNA?

DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, is formed of a double helix of  nucleotides. Sugar-phosphate forms the "sides" and the nucleotides  form the "ladder." There are adenine (A) a (MORE)