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What is the microscopic structure of steel?

  Microscopically (what we can see through an electronic microscope), steel is seen in a shape of grains, particules, beans, but the submicroscopic strcture of steel is it (MORE)

How ductile is structural steel?

Structural steel is typically very ductile, as far as steels are concerned. Typical values of elongation under load will vary between 18 and 30% with values in the mid-20's no (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel as a structural material?

Advantages:   Maintains its strength indefinitely- does not deteriorate with age  like timber and concrete, provided its surface is protected from  rust.    Very (MORE)

What are disadvantages using steel in structural design?

Answer   Weight may be one possibility(steel usually takes less volume for beams and column which could always lighter than concrete), another may be corrosion. Certain a (MORE)
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Does steel have a crystalline structure?

Yes steel can have multiple types of crystalline structure or "grain" structure. These structures can be changed by heating and cooling the steel in particular ways. This is n (MORE)
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What is the crystal structure carbon steel 1018?

It actually depends on temperature. At room temperature, it exists as a body centered cubic crystal. Around 1300 F (can change with conditions, compositions) it actually conve (MORE)

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