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What is studies?

studies? you dont know what studies is? you know what study is right? study is research so you STUDY to get facts on a subject. Studies is like plural of study soical studies (MORE)

What are micromotion study and memomotion study?

Micromotion Study Micromotion study, which was originated by Frank B. Gilbreth, is one of the most exacting forms of work analysis available for job improvement. It is an ana (MORE)

Why do you have to study?

Nobody likes to work, not even adults! Studying is a student'swork. However, if you want to succeed, you need to learn how to makeyourself do it. Here are some reasons to stu (MORE)

Are you studying?

I am always studying. I study the world around me and learn new things every single day. Right now, I am studying internet radio and deciding what new groups to include - this (MORE)
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What can studying do?

studying can help you do well on a quiz or a test... if you don't study, you might not do so well on your test or quiz
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How do you study to get a A?

What works for me personally is to just keep practicing a range ofdifferent questions. Also, if you get solutions to problems - don'tlearn the solutions which many people do b (MORE)

Why do you to study?

A person studies because: . they want to know something; . they need to know something; . they will be able to find a place in society; . they will be qualified to fin (MORE)