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What is a studio?

stu·di·o /ˈstu diˌoʊ, ˈstyu-/ Show Spelled [stoo-dee-oh, styoo-] . noun, plural stu·di·os. . the workroom or atelier of an artist, as a painte (MORE)

Is Universal Studios actually a studio?

well yes one part is a studios and the other is a theme park because when you do the studio tour you see the sets and when i went there they were filming during the tour so ye (MORE)
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What is a studio runner?

Studio runners are the ones in the studio that will go out and run errands for the studio. This often times includes getting food for the artists and engineers. It can also me (MORE)

Who painted The Studio?

'The Studio' is a painting (or actually 5) by Georges Braque. Other famous works of similar titles are: 'The Artist's Studio' by Gustave Courbet and 'The Red Studio' by Henri (MORE)

How do you get studio on roblox?

It is already downloaded when you download ROBLOX, just go to the start menu on your computer, go to the search bar and type in Roblox Studio and it should come up.