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What is the gray stuff on the moon?

The moon is grey because it's made of rock. If you don't believe me then I'll put it this way: The moon was born millions of years ago when a giant meteorite hit the earth and (MORE)
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Can magnifying glasses burn stuff?

A magnifying glass can be used to start a fire. You can focus the sunlight on a single point and the heat will get hot enough to catch paper on fire.And yes, the higher the ma (MORE)

Why do hamsters stuff their mouth?

Hamsters stuff there mouths to store food (but they do not eat the food) but they save it for later or they move it to a different place. If your talking about stuffing it's b (MORE)
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What can girls do at a sleepover and not with girly stuff?

stay up late and watch cool movies. ding dong ditch people (but be carful cause me and my cousin did it to her neigbors and they almost called the cops) prank call people. BE (MORE)
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What are some stuff Canada imports?

Crops--wheat, barley, corn, oats, rapeseed, potatoes, vegetables; nursery and floriculture. Livestock and fish--cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, freshwater fish and seafood. Crud (MORE)

What is the plural for stuff?

The noun 'stuff' is an uncountable noun; a type of aggregate  noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements or  parts.    The word 'stuff' is also a verb (MORE)
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What is that white stuff on your tongue?

I don't know. But, it is shi*ting me. I got mine pierced 6 days ago. & My tongue is filled with this white stuff. Like when you show people your tongue & they say to you (MORE)