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Why does my 1500 suburban stumble on acceleration?

If the 1500 Surburban hesitates on acceleration, there could be a  few things going on. There could be a problem with the fuel sending  unit or the fuel pump. It's also poss (MORE)
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When you shoot a deer do they jump or stumble?

A good shot in the vitals will make a deer jump high and kick like a bull. but mostly depends on where you hit, weapon, angle of shot and deer. I have had big bucks fall down (MORE)

Chevy truck with 350 stumbles when you accelerate?

Make sure the ignition system is in good shape. A leaking coil can cause it. My 283 stumbled on acceleration but once up to speed it would run smooth but would stumble on any (MORE)

Rooster is very wobbly on legs and is stumbling around?

Has he perhaps eaten something that he shouldn't have? I've had  this happen about 3-5 times before and usually the case is that the  rooster ate something he shouldn't have (MORE)
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What is correct stumbled backwards or stumble backwards?

It really depends on what form of writing you are talking about. If  your talking in past tense then it is 'stumbled' as in "He stumbled  backwards." But if you are talking (MORE)