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What is a stump?

A stump is the remains of something which has been cut off,particularly a tree. It is also a term for one fo the wooden postswhich make the wickets in a game of cricket.

What is a coastal stump?

a coastal stump is a rock that has been washed through the middle and left a stump Answer: A coastal stump is a pillar of rock which exists offshore from a cliff at the s (MORE)
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How do you burn a stump?

First and foremost, obtain a burning permit from your localmunicipality(this will ensure that it is legal to burn in yourarea) As for the burning itself. The safest way is to (MORE)
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What is stump water?

An old timer from Alabama told me in detail about making "stump water" as he called it. It was moonshine that they literally fermented in an old hollow log. The process also i (MORE)

What are stumps in cricket?

Wickets, if the bowler knocks the bails off the stumps, the batter is out or if the wickets are knocked over while the batter is not inside the crease, the batter is also out. (MORE)

Stumping in agriculture?

cut down to a stump, truncate; remove tree stumps; challenge, dare; perplex, confound; make a political campaign speech; stub, strike the end of something against a hard surfa (MORE)

Why do hamsters have stumps?

If you are referring to the thumb-like stumps on the "hands" than that is an evolution of what was probably thumbs. AS the years went by they probably ended up not really usin (MORE)

What is stumped in cricket?

stumped in cricket means to put (a batsman) out by knocking down astump or by dislodging a bail with the ball held in the hand at amoment when the batsman is off his ground.