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What is stump remover?

  Stump remover is a chemical intended to speed the decomposition of the unwanted stump. Usually the chemical used is potassium nitrate, and it is most commonly sold in gr (MORE)

What is upped stumps?

Stopped work. The stumps are pulled by the umpires in a game of cricket to signify the end of play for the day.
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What is a coastal stump?

a coastal stump is a rock that has been washed through the middle and left a stump Answer: A coastal stump is a pillar of rock which exists offshore from a cliff at the seas (MORE)

What is political Stumping?

A general term for political campaigning taken from the idea of making an impromptu speech in a locality while standing on the cut stump of a tree.
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What is the rectal stump?

The rectal stump is the pouch left behind after the colon is diverted surgically to open at the abdominal wall ( a colostomy)
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