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Are conundrums mixed up words?

No. A conundrum is a riddle or puzzle, especially a complex one. A more specific use of the word is "a riddle that is answered by a pun." The term "malaprop" or "malapropism (MORE)

Did Patrick Stump break up with Elisa?

no no no thas not true Patrick said i love kids but don't realy want one so hahahahah actually i think you'll find the man is pretty set on being a dad one day. i'd have his (MORE)

What is a Humorous mix-up?

a humorous mix up is when someone accidentally does something like walk in to the mens bathroom while being a female or goes in the wrong car.

What is upped stumps?

Stopped work. The stumps are pulled by the umpires in a game of cricket to signify the end of play for the day.
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What is a coastal stump?

a coastal stump is a rock that has been washed through the middle and left a stump Answer: A coastal stump is a pillar of rock which exists offshore from a cliff at the seas (MORE)

Why are keys on the keyboard mixed up?

they are placed in a way that letters wich are often side by  side in a word have a maximum of distance between each. the ieda  had Christopher Latham Sholes .  +++  I don (MORE)
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What is the rectal stump?

The rectal stump is the pouch left behind after the colon is diverted surgically to open at the abdominal wall ( a colostomy)
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What is mix it up day?

Mix it up day is a fun opportunity to make new friends in school. It's when you sit with a new crowd of people at lunch. It is a great way to end cliques in schools or make ne (MORE)