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What is a cap stun?

Capstun is also called pepper spray or pepper mace. It is a spray made from hot peppers that has replaced mace in most police departments. To make it: (By Nosferatu) Requi (MORE)

What is stun gun?

A stun gun is an electroshock gun that is used to momentarily disable a person. It is a non-lethal weapon used by the police to control mobs and by security guards to stop tre (MORE)

What do stun guns do?

Stun Guns are marketed as less than lethal self defense weapons for men and women. They hurt people. Stun guns cause extreme vigorous work on the nervous system and muscles. (MORE)

Do stun guns work on dogs?

I have sold many stun guns for defense against dogs. They actually work in two ways in regards to dogs. The sound that the stun gun makes when triggered in the air is very eff (MORE)

Who can have stun guns?

Adults age 18 and over. Minors cannot have them. Bringing them to school or other public places is illegal.
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What will happen if you get caught with a stun gun?

  It is my assumption that each state or local government will have its own laws pertaining to the penalties of owning a stun gun in specific situations. The second amendm (MORE)

Are stun guns legal in Michigan?

No. Generally speaking, it's a felony to sell or possess a stun gun in Michigan. (MCL 750.224a(1)) Certain authorized indivuals in law enforcement are allowed to possess certa (MORE)

How do you stun carp?

  Throwing a stick of dynamite into a pond is illegal in most countries. This will stun or kill all the fish in the pond and might get you thrown in jail. If you mean ho (MORE)

How does camera flash stun animals?

Camera flash stuns animals because they are not used to that bright of a light. They are also surprised when you take a picture at them with flash because they don't really kn (MORE)