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What is a stupa?

A dome-shaped monument, used to house Buddhist relics or to commemorate significant facts of Buddhism or Jainism. Also called tope. . It is a place for Buddhists to meditat (MORE)

Who is amaravati stupa?

The town was the site of a great Buddhist stupa originally built during the reign of emperor Ashoka. It was completed in 200 CE and is decorated with carved panels which tell (MORE)

What is the amaravati stupa?

The Great Stupa at Amaravati was a large Buddhist monument built inIndia between the second century B.C. and the third century A.D.The Stupa was a center for religious activit (MORE)

What is inside a stupa?

There is no usable interior. They often house relics of the Buddha or other saints, but you cannot actually enter them. There are three main types of Stupas; housing for relic (MORE)
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Who was stupa?

If you are thinking of the Buddhist stupa it is not a person but a commemorative monument to the buddha or another famous Buddhist figure. They are found in many parts of the (MORE)
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What is stupa and who made it?

It's a mound like structure containing Buddhist relics, typically the remains of Buddha. It's used as a place of worship. The The Ashoka Empire started to build them.
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What is the Stupa project about?

The Stupa project is an organisation supporting world peace. The Stupa is a sort of chapel of piece, consisting of a building and prayer wheels. The Stupa projects collects do (MORE)

Who were the stupas?

Stupas are not a who, stupas are a what. Stupas are largestructures used to represent the enlightenment of the Buddha.