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What happens inside a Buddhist Stupa?

That depends on the time and place. Some ancient Indian stupas were solid on the inside, meaning that you could only circumambulate the outside. Later stupas were made to wher (MORE)

What is the difference between a pagoda and a stupa?

A pagoda is a tower-like structure with multiple  eaves or layers. A stupa, on the other hand, is  similar to that of a mound -- semi-hemispherical in form. Although,  both (MORE)
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What is stupa and who made it?

It's a mound like structure containing Buddhist relics, typically the remains of Buddha. It's used as a place of worship. The The Ashoka Empire started to build them.

What is the amaravati stupa?

The Great Stupa at Amaravati was a large Buddhist monument built inIndia between the second century B.C. and the third century A.D.The Stupa was a center for religious activit (MORE)

How do you use stupa in a sentence?

The word 'stupa' is a noun, a word for a domed  edifice housing Buddhist or Jain relics. A noun is used in a  sentence as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the  (MORE)