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How do you attach a wood railing to a concrete patio so that it's sturdy?

I would need to know a little more about how you plan on building it?  Are you attaching the railing to the side of the patio?  Or, is it short and you want to attach it to (MORE)
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Are loft beds from IKEA sturdy?

IKEA loft beds are very sturdy. i have one and love it. GET ONE TODAY!
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What is the best most sturdy and inexpensive way to hang posters Ive tried the 3m poster strips but the ceiling fan just blows them down?

Have you thought of framing your posters. You can purchase many styles of moulding, some simple and inexpensive, priced by the length, at any home supply/home improvement stor (MORE)

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Where can one purchase a sturdy rain umbrella?

High-quality umbrellas that can stand up to heavy wind and rain cost more than most simple rain umbrellas, but can be worth the purchase for people who frequently have to brav (MORE)