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What does sturdy mean?

Sturdy means to have to put physical strength into something, for example if You are making a shoe Rack, and it's hard to put together, You have to put a lot of strength into (MORE)

What is a sturdy lock?

  a lock that is sturdy and not easy to open   get a dudley lock they are very hard and sturdy and dont break very easily.

What is a sturdy bike?

by sturdy if you mean durable,any bike $300+ will probably last a couple years(depending on how hard you ride).
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How do you plant sturdy marijuana?

be sure to sprout your seeds before planting. make sure they root well before you plant. plant around pine or cedar trees and make sure you plant in the spring that way your p (MORE)

How do you spell sturdie?

The correct spelling of the adjective is sturdy (well-built, strong, durable). It changes the Y to IE in forming the comparative, which is sturdier.
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