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What does sturdy mean?

Sturdy means to have to put physical strength into something, for example if You are making a shoe Rack, and it's hard to put together, You have to put a lot of strength into (MORE)

What is a sturdy lock?

a lock that is sturdy and not easy to open. get a dudley lock they are very hard and sturdy and dont break very easily.

Is a square sturdy?

If, by sturdy, you mean rigid, the answer is no. Without a diagonal brace, a square can easily be distorted into a rhombus.
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What is a sturdy bike?

by sturdy if you mean durable,any bike $300+ will probably last a couple years(depending on how hard you ride).
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How sturdy are glass stove tops?

glass stove tops are very sturdy. but i would recommend something else because glass stove tops can not be sturdy over a while. so other ones are probably the best to get.
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How do you spell sturdie?

The correct spelling of the adjective is sturdy (well-built, strong, durable). It changes the Y to IE in forming the comparative, which is sturdier .
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