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Why did Rosa Parks do it?

Some people say that Rosa did not leave her seat her seat because  she was tired from work. This is not true. She was actually tired  of being oppressed by the segregation l (MORE)

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Who was Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks (1913 - 2005) was a civil rights activist. She is well-known for her refusal to surrender her seat on the bus for the benefit of a white citizen. Her actions ultima (MORE)

What did Rosa Parks do?

In 1955, Rosa Parks started the bus boycott and she refused to give  up her seat on the bus to a white man. Instead she sat where she  was and didn't move. She stood strong! (MORE)

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About Rosa park?

Rosa Parks stood up for something she believed in, and I'm extremely proud of her
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What is a sub tribe?

A sub-tribe is a group of individuals that are descents of a common  ancestor. It can be any group of people who are united by a common  thread such as sharing the same trad (MORE)