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What is one reason why democracies in sub-Saharan Africa tend to be fragile?

          People in sub-Saharan Africa believe that democratic  institutions are being pushed on them by the  West.  
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Where ia sub-Saharan Africa located on the map?

Sub-Saharan Africa is a term used to describe the entire region of Africa that is South of the Saharan Desert. Since it includes most of Africa, it's easier to just tell you w (MORE)

Why have historians generally paid more attention to pharaonic Egypt than to the societies of sub-Saharan Africa?

  The major reason is that Egyptian civilization is supported by written evidence about the level of civilization achieved in any period of time as further back as 4500 ye (MORE)
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Why is ethnic conflict common in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Colonizers ignored ethnic groups when drawing political borders.Most countries have diverse ethnic groups.
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What is Trans-Saharan Trade?

The Trans-Sahara trade refers to the trade between West African  Kingdoms south of the Sahara and Arab and Amazigh (Berber) Kingdoms  on Africa's Mediterranean coast. Some o (MORE)