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How many subatomic particles are in platinum?

depends on isotope. For the most common isotope Platinum-195 (33.5%), there are the following fermions: electrons = 78protons = 78neutrons = 117quarks (inside protons & neu (MORE)

Subatomic particles Which have mass?

All subatomic particles have mass, bar the photon and the gluon. The masses of some of the most well-known are as follows: Electron: 0.511 MeV/c^2 Proton: 938.272 MeV/c^2 (MORE)

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What is the mass of subatomic particles?

For the components of the atom:   Neutron:   Mass: 1,00866491600(43) amu.  Charge: neutral    Electron:   Mass: 5,4857990946(22)×10−4 amu.   Charge: n (MORE)

What are the 2 subatomic particles?

There are far more than just two sub-atomic particles: electron, muon, and tau lepton; just for starters. The two types of such particles -- at least in the classification sys (MORE)

Why is an electron the smallest subatomic particle?

First of all, electrons are NOT the smallest sub-atomic particles.  Neutrinos are at least a million times less massive than electrons.    Secondly, there is no reason (MORE)