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Hiring a subcontractor that does not have general liability?

Don't do it, unless you know and absolutely trust the person. A good reputable contractor will be licensed and insured. He will also not be offended if you ask him to provide (MORE)

A developer owes money to a subcontractor how does the subcontractor lien the property?

File a Mechanic's lien (the form is available on the web) with the County Recorder against the property where you performed the work. The developer will not get paid by the ow (MORE)
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What rights does a subcontractor have when working for a contractor?

Firstly you have all the rights granted by your contract with the contractor. Secondly you have the state's lien statutes which grant you lien rights providing you meet specif (MORE)

What are the difference between direct subcontractor and nominated subcontractor?

a nominated subcontractor, with various provisions for obtaining indemnities by the subcontractor (or Employer) but under the main contractor responsibility and coordination, (MORE)
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What are the roles and responsibilities of a subcontractor?

Sub contractors must firstly assess the workplace ensuring that it is safe and up to the standards of the Health and safety work act 1974. Once assessed they can then enquir (MORE)