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What do you think about subculture?

What I think about subculture is that it is apart of our lives so that makes it a way of life.
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What is a subculture?

A group of people displaying slightly different properties within a wide-culture group are called subculture.
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What are subcultures?

A subculture is a cultural group that is part of a larger cultureor society. The subculture typically has somewhat different beliefsthan the larger culture.
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What are the subcultures of Mexico?

You mean like goth or punk? If that is the case, sure there are many urban subcultures like goths, "vampires" or "darketos", punks, "escatos" (skaters) and many more.
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What are the subcultures of Canada?

The three largest subcultures in Canada are English, French andChinese. Along with ethnic, religious identity, it should be notedthat Canadians further sub-divide subcultures ( Full Answer )
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What are the subcultures of the us?

There are various subcultures in the United States of America. Forexample, the rave subculture has had a recent reemergence in theUS.
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What is subculturing?

Subculturing is the process of transferring cultured cells from oneculture vessel to another. This procedure is done with or withoutdilution.
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Why are subcultures seen as a subculture?

To have a subculture, you first need to have a culture. A culture is usually noted as a group with the same beliefs, ideas, goals and much more. It can be seen as being the su ( Full Answer )
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Is modeling a subculture?

Within the last decade, modeling has become a huge commercial enterprise that is heavily advertised and even exploited in all types of media. That being said, it doesn't reall ( Full Answer )
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Is satanism a subculture?

no satanism is a religion much like Christianity but unlike most religions there has been evidence of satanism as far back as 4000 bc!! some satanist's insist there is no god ( Full Answer )