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What is a subject?

The subject is the noun or pronoun that is doing or being something in the sentence. Examples: Mary walks five miles to work each day. "Mary" is the subject; "walks" is th (MORE)

What is subjective reasoning?

Subjective reasoning is a type of thinking and basing observations  on personal judgment instead of factual evidence. It usually  involves applying a personal logic based on (MORE)
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Is her a subject?

Her is a pronoun that is used in the object position, not as a  subject, or a possessive adjective that describes a subject or an  object noun.   He loves her. (object o (MORE)

What is subjective?

Something that is subjective deals with emotions or feelings. It is  possible that subjective thought may not be rational. Objective is  the opposite.
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What is a subject and simple subject?

the simple subject of a sentence can be a noun , a pronoun or a noun phrase
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What is a subjective?

Subjective is basicly your perspective. Everybody sees things different. Here's an example of something that is subjective, your friend says that the sweater you are wearing (MORE)

What is a beautiful subject and ugly subject?

Well sadness is a beautiful and ugly subject , it's beautiful because it makes you think more about it and the wonders of it but it an ugly subject because when you fell it , (MORE)

What is subject and how to make a sentence on subject?

A subject is what the sentence is about.To make a sentence with a subject think like if it was a theme.
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Can a subject pronoun be used as a subject?

Yes, the subject pronouns function as the subject of a  sentence or a clause.   The subject pronouns are: I, you, we, he, she, it, and who.    Examples:   I do (MORE)

Is History a subjective subject?

No. It's a combination of the knowledge of (objective) hard facts  and events and the (subjective) interpretation of them. The  interpretation part can be subjective when hi (MORE)