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What is sublimation?

Sublimation: The change of state in which a solid is transformeddirectly into a gas without going through the liquid state. Sublimation = solid to gas. The corresponding chan ( Full Answer )
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How did sublime get started?

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What is Sublimation defined as?

The physical change in a substance directly between gas and solid without becoming a liquid.
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What is sublimation and re-sublimation?

sublimation is a proses in which solid turns into gas and re-sublimation is when gas turns directly to solid with out liquid
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What is a sentence for sublimate?

Here is an example sentence with the word "sublimate": Dry ice will sublimate into carbon dioxide when it is kept at room temperature.
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What is melting and sublimation?

Melting is the transition of a substance from the solid to theliquid phase. Sublimation is the transition of a substance directlyfrom the solid to the gas phase without passin ( Full Answer )
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What is the process sublimation?

The process in which a solid directly changes into vapours without getting into liquid phase is termed sublimation and such solids are termed sublime solids. Example: nephtha ( Full Answer )
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What is sublimating?

It is a physical, state of matter change from a solid to a gas (skipping the usual liquid step). Think dry ice (solid CO2). This can occur with CO2 due to the fact that it can ( Full Answer )