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What is a subliminal message?

A subliminal message is information that your subconscious receives without you fully realizing that you're receiving it. Because your conscious does not identify that informa (MORE)
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What is subliminal threshold?

subliminal threshold means the stimuli that are too weak or too brief to be consciously seen or heard may nevertheless be strong enough to be perceived one or more receptor ce (MORE)

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What is subliminal persuasion?

Subliminal persuasion is an advertising technique, used especially  in movie theaters. Essentially, an extremely short film clip is  played in between scenes of a movie. Thi (MORE)
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Can subliminal images cause erections?

According to many, yes, subliminal images can cause erections. There is even an app for Apple devises as a solution to erectile dysfunction. You can choose to use the app, buy (MORE)