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What is subsequent punishment?

Answer . The punishment of the press for publishing new articles dealing with judicial proceedings. Ordinarily, the First Amendment prohibits such punishment. However, the (MORE)

What is subsequent positions?

Subsequent positions is a term used in the military. It refers topositions where military personnel can set up and be away from theactual front lines.

What is subsequent events?

Events that occurred after, or later in time than, the event you are talking about. For example: . The king believed that the people would accept the heavy taxes he imposed, (MORE)
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What is subsequent sale?

When the goods are in transit then if the buyer redirects the goods to some other customer or some other state ,it is called as subsequent sales and it should be treated as in (MORE)

What is Subsequent Populations?

A subsequent population is the rate of how a population has been growing and how it has reached its peak in a certain amount of years. This can also be related to the census t (MORE)