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What is subsidize?

To subsidize means to pay a portion of a bill or to aid infinancing of money. The government subsidizes money for low incomehousing and student aid for example.

What is a subsidized cafeteria?

A subsidized cafeteria is one that is built for employees of abusiness. This means that the price of the food is often much lowerthan if the employees were to leave work and e (MORE)

What is subsidence farming?

Farming for your own survival- i.e not mass farming to sell on for cash, but producing enough vegetables etc for you yourself to survive. Also, it is sustenance farming, from (MORE)

What rhymes with subsides?

Brides, glides, guides, hides, prides, rides, sides, slides, tides, besides, collides, confides, decides, divides, misguides, outsides, provides, resides, coincides, presides. (MORE)

How does subsidence occur?

Subsidence occurs when one plate is denser than the plate it is moving into. It then slips under the less dense plate and melts into the mantle.

What is a subsidized smartphone?

A smartphone is considered subsidized when a consumer gets a discount on the phone in exchange for signing a service contract for a set length of time. The service provider (MORE)
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How is subsidence caused?

Subsidence (sink holes & other manifestations of land-form depression) may occur from any of several conditions. Examples of some of these are: Natural Causes: Rapid, or (MORE)