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What is a farm subsidiary?

Farm SubsidiaryThe term "subsidiary" when used in relation to  farming can mean two entirely different things:   On meaning is a farm created by citizens to produce produ (MORE)

Subsidiary of company?

    A subsidiary company, subsidiary, or daughter company[1] is a company that is completely or partly owned   and partly or wholly controlled by another company th (MORE)

What does subsidiary mean?

Subsidiary means: 1. a.) furnishing aid or support (ex: subsidiary details) 1. b.) of secondary importance (ex: subsidiary stream) 2.) of, relating to, or constituting a (MORE)
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What is subsidiary imprisonment?

Subsidiary imprisonment is sometimes imposed in the event an  accused person who has been found guilty of a crime and is unable  to pay the fine they were ordered to pay. Th (MORE)

What are the subsidiary ledgers?

A subsidiary ledger is a ledger designed for the storage of a specific types of accounting transactions. The information in a subsidiary ledger is then summarized and posted t (MORE)
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What is subsidiary books?

Subsidiary Books are those books of prime posting in which creationof equal character are recorded in one space and in chronologicalorder.
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