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What is a subsidiary math theorem?

A lemma, or a subsidiary math theorem, is a theorem that one proves as an interim stage in proving another theorem. Lemmas can be viewed as scaffolding for the proof. Usually, (MORE)
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What is subsidiary imprisonment?

Subsidiary imprisonment is sometimes imposed in the event an  accused person who has been found guilty of a crime and is unable  to pay the fine they were ordered to pay. Th (MORE)

What are 5 types of subsidiary ledgers?

accounts receivable ledger, accounts payable ledger, notes receivable ledger, notes payable ledger and equipment subsidiary ledger
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What meant by subsidiary legislation in Malaysia?

Law made through power delegated by the legislature or parliament to a body or a person via Parent act.
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What does subsidiary mean?

Subsidiary means: 1. a.) furnishing aid or support (ex: subsidiary details) 1. b.) of secondary importance (ex: subsidiary stream) 2.) of, relating to, or constituting a (MORE)

What is a foreign subsidiary?

A foreign subsidiary is a branch of a company that is run as an independent entity in a country outside of the one in which the parent company is located. For example: Wal-mar (MORE)

What are the subsidiary ledgers?

A subsidiary ledger is a ledger designed for the storage of a specific types of accounting transactions. The information in a subsidiary ledger is then summarized and posted t (MORE)

What is a subsidiary question?

A subsidiary question are questions that help you answer your main question (the essential question)
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Why there need subsidiary legislation in Malaysia?

Subsidiary legislation is required in Malaysia in order to promote  the rule of law and restore order. It is necessary to empower the  courts and other legislative units to (MORE)