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What is corrective subsidy?

A corrective subsidy is basically a payment that is made by the  government. It is used to ensure the optimal output of a product or  the consumption of that product.

Does the post office get any government subsidies?

The postal service is one of the few agencies that is authorized by  the Constitution BUT it is an independent agency generating its own  revenue. It is NOT subsidized by th (MORE)

What is the advantage of subsidy?

1:To reduce the high cost of produce. 2:To make an increase of produce all year-round. 3:To help less privilage people to have access to produce. 4:To make all citizens (MORE)

What are some advantages or disadvantages of governmental subsidy?

ADVANTAGESOF A SUBSIDY 1. 1. Reduces cost of production 2. 2. Releases resources to be used for other purposes e.g expansion (increased supply) 3. 3. Increases the firms compe (MORE)

What is a farm subsidy?

Farm Subsidy   Farm "subsidy:"   # Monetary assistance granted by a government to a person or group in support of an enterprise regarded as being in the public interes (MORE)

What is an example of a Subsidy?

The best example of a subsidy is when a farmer gets a lump sum of  money from the government for keeping their land a certain way. The  government will pay farmers who keep (MORE)