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What is a subsonic wind tunnel?

A subsonic wind tunnel is a wind tunnel that cannot take testing to Mach 1 (the speed of sound). There are a wide variety of wind tunnels, and they come in a broad range of si (MORE)

What is Subsonic Bullet?

  Subsonic means "slower than the speed of sound" so a subsonic bullet is any bullet that travels slower than the speed of sound.
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What does subsonic mean?

Another term for this is infrasonic, and it means pertaining to below hearing. There natural frequencies that humans can hear which are high: 20,000 Hz and low: 20 Hz. An aver (MORE)

What is the antonym of subsonic?

You could use "hypersonic." It is not a precise synonym, as subsonic is below the threshhold of hearing, whereas hypersonic would be above it. Supersonic would refer to veloci (MORE)

What is subsonic sound?

Subsonic sound is sound at a frequency (pitch) below the range of human hearing, typically below 20 Hz. It may be felt as a rumble but not heard as a distinct sound. Ultrason (MORE)
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What is subsonic airfoil?

which airfoil must produce the lift with less than one mach number . that is called sub sonic airfoil...... Another answer would be : an airfoil designed to perform below th (MORE)
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What are subsonic signals?

Subsonic signals are sounds or vibrations that have a frequency lower than that which may be heard by the human ear as a discernable tone. Vibrations lower than 30 Hz (30 cycl (MORE)
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Why no shock in subsonic?

A sonic boom is created by a shock wave when an object travels  faster than the the speed of sound, or mach1. If the object does  not achieve mach1 then there will be no son (MORE)