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How many subspecies of tigers are there in the world?

Six current subspecies, or breeds, are recognized today: Bengal, Burmese (also known as Indochinese), Malayan, Siberian, South Chinese, and Sumatran. (The Bali, Javan, and Cas (MORE)
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What is a subspecies?

Web Answer . A geographically defined aggregate of local populations which differs from other such subdivisions of a species.. Answer . A SUBSPECIES IS LIKE A SUBSITUTE (MORE)
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What is the subspecies of humans?

Answer is a bit dull I am afraid: The sub-species is sapiens i.e. we are Homo sapiens sapiens
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What are the subspecies of wolves?

experts seem to be divided on how many subspecies of wolf there are. it depends on which taxonomy you take as valid. wikipedia says there are 39 subspecies.. listed here. . h (MORE)
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What wolf subspecies are there?

Many lists of wolf subspecies are very very outdated. This is the new list (many subspecies, such as the Bristish Columbia, etc were found to just be the same subspecies as th (MORE)
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What subspecies of unicorns are there?

Well did you know that a rhino is considered a "unicorn". The phenotype of the unicorn does seem to vary with region. At one extreme you have a small goat-like creature with (MORE)
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What are the subspecies of tiger?

There are 9 species currently identified. There are 3 types extinct (they are in bold). . Bengal Tiger (Royal Bengal Tiger)- Panthera Tigris Tigris . Indochinese Tiger ( (MORE)
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Which of the subspecies of tigers is extinct?

Bali, Javan, Caspian. However, there is new evidence that suggests the Caspian and Siberian tigers are genetically identical, may be the same subspecies.
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What are the subspecies of elk?

The elk is a type of deer. There are ten known subspecies of elk. Six of them are native to North America and four are native to Asia. Out of the six subspecies in North Ameri (MORE)