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What substance is a steroid?

Cholesterol: cholesterol plays an important role in the cell  membranes of animals and humans. Various hormones are also created  from Cholesterol. I got this answer from Gr (MORE)
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What are efflorescent substances?

efflorescent substances are those substances which when exposed to atmosphere lose moisture(woc) partially or completely and changes into an amorphous whe (MORE)
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What is the coldest substance?

A particular substance isn't itself the "coldest" or "hottest." Substances can exist at many temperatures, and every single substance can be as cold as you want it to be! If y (MORE)

Which substances are acidic?

Lemon juice Vinegar Aspirin Mouthwashes (in little amount) Car batteries Stomach (hydrochloric acid in little amount) Oranges Baking soda Dry ice Soda pop (MORE)

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The flammability of a substance is?

The flammability of a substance is a chemical property. Flammability means how easily a substance will burn in oxygen.
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What is Solubility of substances?

Solubility of a substance is the amount of that substance that will  be dissolved in a solvent. Solubility is the property of a liquid,  solid, or gas.
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What is the biohazardous substance?

"Bio" comes from the Greek word for "Life". A hazardous substance or activity is one which endangers life. The workers in chemical plants have to be very careful and strict in (MORE)