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What is a substance?

The word substance (a physical material) originates from Latin substantia , literally meaning "standing under". The word was used to translate the Greek philosophical term (MORE)
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What substances are there?

If you mean pure substances, there are elements, molecules, and compounds. If you mean all substances, then add mixtures to the list, although they are not pure substances. (MORE)
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Are substance and pure substance the same?

Technically, a non-pure substance is called a compound, so substance should not be used as an official scientific term. If you do come across the term 'substance', use context (MORE)
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What substance is changed to a new substance?

Any substance can be changed to a new one. Answ2. The above is wrong. Lead for example cannot be changed into nitrogen. If some of the nucleus of an atom can have a prot (MORE)
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How do you class a substance as a pure substance?

A pure substance is a substance with a very low concentration of impurities: reagents for analysis, ultra pure reagents, nuclear grade materials, electronic grade materials, c (MORE)
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What 2 substances are pure substances?

water and oxygen... Add: Elements and compounds are the two types of pure substances. Oxygen is an example of an element, and water is an example of a compound.