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What are immiscible substances?

Liquids that do not mix at all in each other are known as immiscible for example water and cyclohexane or water and oil.
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What substance is a diuretic?

A diuretic is a chemical compound that causes a patient to increase the amount of water being eliminated from the body, usually through the urine. A common diuretic compound m (MORE)

A homogenous substances?

A homogenous substance is one in a single phase. The term  homogeneous is used in material science and physical chemistry.  Sulfur, water, sucrose, and baking soda are examp (MORE)
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Why are substances soluble?

Substances are soluable if disolving the material will result in 1a decrease in free energy. Kinetics will determine how fact something disolves. For most things they are solu (MORE)